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  Vol 59. No. 2  June 2015


Front cover: Laccosperma secundiflorum growing vigorously in southern Cameroon. This species also occurs in Ghana. See related article by Ouatara et al.
J. Dransfield
Back cover: Memorial bust of Lodovico Winer in Bordighera, Italy. See article by Campodonico


Issue Contents    
The transfer of the Genus Lytocaryum to Syagrus
L.R. Noblick & A.W. Meerow 
The Palms in the Riviera from the Latter Half of the 19 Century to the First World WOar
P.G. Campodonico, G. Campodonico & C. Littardi 
Ethnobotany and Conservation of Palms from Ghana
D.N, Outtara, P. Ekpe, A. Bakayoko & F.W. Stauffer
Palm News
  Vol 59. No. 1  March 2015


Front cover: Traditional oil palm fruit harvesting in Benin, West Africa.
Back cover: Adonidia dransfieldii, a new species from Borneo


Issue Contents    
Adonidia dransfieldii, a Threatened New Palm from Sabah, Borneo
K.M. Wong, J.B. Sugau and Y.W. Low 
A 19th Century Endocarp of the Chilean Wine Palm (jubaea chilensis) in the Netherlands
Y. Van Deun, R.T.J. Cappers, M. Schepers, and A. Maurer 
Red Palm Weevils - Food or Foe?
M.S. Hoddle
The Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis): Research Challenges Beyond Controversies
 A. Rival and P. Levang 
Palm News
Photo Feature
 LeighAnne Langman 
 John Dransfield 
Palm Literature - Palms and People of the Amazon


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