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The Tropical Look - An Encyclopedia of Dramatic Landscape Plants
Catalog No. T1

The Tropical Look is a truly unique compendium of nearly 2000 plants that evoke languorous landscapes of swaying palms, dripping banana leaves, and vibrant frangipani blossoms. It is meant primarily for gardeners who live in USDA hardiness zones 8 and higher, but gardeners who live in cooler zones will find many plants of interest, though they may want to treat them as annuals, greenhouse, or "die-back- plants. Each plant entry gives complete information as to how much cold a plant can stand and whether a given plant will spring back from its roots.

More than 400 stunning photographs show tropical-looking plants in all their glory, and the A-to-Z encyclopedia represents every category of tropical planting, including trees, bamboos, palms, ferns, perennials, shrubs, water plants, vines, and much more. The author has even included cacti, succulents, and xeric plants for a tropical feeling in dry settings. The Encyclopedia's lush plants will tempt even more gardeners into trying their hand at the game.
524 pp, 409 color photos, 7 figures, 8 1/2 x 11", hardcover
ISBN: 0-88192-422-9
Publication Date: August 1998

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