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Palms of New Caledonia/Les Palmiers de Nouvelle Caledonia
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Written by: Donald R. Hodel, Jean-Christophe Pintaud

Published by: The International Palm Society

With 128 pages and more than 180 color photographs, The Palms of New Caledonia, written in English and French, takes the reader on an exciting pictorial adventure of the beautiful palm flora of this French territory located in the southwest Pacific. The New Caledonian landscape is home to 37 different species of palms, all of which are found nowhere else in the world. The authors have traveled extensively in New Caledonia, researching and photographing its palms for several years. All 37 species are described and illustrated. Indeed, The Palms of New Caledonia is the most comprehensive and only fully illustrated account of the island's palms. This hard-bound book with a color dust jacket is written in a popular user-friendly format and style, making the information accessible to all readers, no matter their level of interest or expertise. Sections on distribution, ecology, culture, and keys to all genera and species are included. This book will serve as the authoritative reference on the subject for years to come.

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