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Flora de Palmeras de Bolivia
Catalog No. F4

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This new publication, underwritten by the IPS, is the definitive word on the palms of this diverse country.

The contribution of the Bolivian palm flora to the Neotropical region is analyzed. This country flora with 80 species and 28 genera supports regionally the 11-15% and 42-43%, respectively. Comparing the palm richness in an hypothetical area of 10.000 km2 for 24 neotropical countries, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela roughly have one species; this is approximately five times what it is registered in Brazil, while it is much less to 17-49 times than Costa Rica and Trinidad Tobago, respectively. Based on thirteen speciose and typical palm genera – namely Aiphanes, Allagoptera, Astrocaryum, Attalea, Bactris, Ceroxylon, Chamaedorea, Desmoncus, Euterpe, Geonoma, Syagrus, Trithrinax y Wettinia – that belong into three subregions of the Neotropics it is concluded into certain patterns as follows: 1) North of the Neotropics and northern South America (includes the Andes) with a minor representativeness in Bolivia, 2) North to center of South America (includes the Amazon) with major influence, and 3) Center of South America (includes open areas) with an intermediate effect. Palm species inventoried for Bolivia show their southern most distribution in the Neotropics as well as the most western one among certain taxa of the center of South America.

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