Palms (formerly Principes) 1999

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Vol. 43, No. 1

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Front cover:  Gulubia longispatha, growing in heath forest at low elevation at the foot of Mt. Jaya, Irian Jaya.  Photo by Bill J. Baker
Back cover:  Sommieria elegans in full fruit, growing in lowland forest near Timika, Irian Jaya.  Photo by John Dransfield.
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Contents for January 1999 Palms

Growing Palms in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century:  The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney, 1826-1915
Ian Edwards
A New Species of Balaka from Fiji
Dylan Fuller and John L. Dowe
A New Locality for Phoenix theophrasti on Crete
A. Igersheim and C. Weckerle
Occurrence of Hermaphroditism in the Male Date Palm
C. Sudhersan and M. Abo El-Nil
Death and Longevity of Palms
Carlo Morici
The Production and Use of White Leaves from Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) in Elche, Spain
Susi Bomez Vives and Michel Ferry
Saw Palmettos (Serenoa repens):  The Need for Patience and Water Uptake by the Stem
Francis E. Putz and Michelle Pinard
Distribution Update:  Sabal minor in Mexico
Douglas H. Goldman
How Many Species of Brassiophoenix?
Scott Zona and Frederick B. Essig

Vol. 43, No. 2

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Front cover:  An unusual form of Dypsis lutescens with short, stiff leaves epitomizes the principles of good horticulture and landscaping at the Prasart Museum, Bangkok, Thailand.  Photo by Scott Zona
Back cover:  A sight to warm the heart of any palm propagator:   flats of newly germinated seeds.  Photo by Bill Langer

Contents for April 1999 Palms
The Special Horticultural Issue

This article available online!
A Practical Guide to Germinating Palm Seeds 
Jeff Marcus and Ken Banks
Propagation by Division
Lynn McKamey
Basics of Container Culture
Phil Bergman
Indoor Palm Culture
Lynn McKamey
Greenhouse Culture
Phil Bergman
Landscaping with Palms:  Destroying Paradigms
David McLean
Nutrition and Fertilization of Palms
Timothy K. Broschat
Transplanting Large Palms
Ken Pfalzgraf
Palms in the Tropics
M.D. Ferrero
Palms in Mediterranean Climates
Jacques Deleuze
Palms in Subtropical Climates
Katherine Maidman
Palms in Temperate Climates
Martin Gibbons and Tobias W. Spanner
Palms in the Landscape:  Culture Basics
Phil Bergman
Pruning Palms
Donald R. Hodel

Vol. 43, No. 3

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Front cover:  The biggest and oldest Copernicia baileyana in Cruce de La Delgada.  Other palms are Sabal domingensis.  Photo by Carlo Morici.  
Back cover:  Geonoma leptospadix in the Brazilian Amazon.  Photo by Andrew Henderson.

Contents for July 1999 Palms

The Palms of Belize: Species Richness and a Key Based on Vegetative Characters
Steven W. Brewer
Bill Manley: In Appreciation of a Palm Pioneer
Tom McClendon
Bentinckia nicobarica: An Edemic Endangered Palm of the Nicobar Islands
P.V. Sree Kumar and Tarun Coomar
Products Derived from Palms at the Puerto Ayacucho Markets in Amazonas State, Venezuela
A. NarvŠez and F. Stauffer
Brazoria Hybrid palm Update
Landon Lockett
The Historical Introduction of Copernicia baileyana from Cuba to Hispaniola
Carlo Morici, Leonel A. Mera and Manual C. Ruano
Fire Resistance in a Queensland Livistona
Mark Wusche
The Conservation of Satranala decussilvae in the Ianobe Valley, Masoala National Park, Madagascar
Hantanirana Ravololonanahary
Notes on the Palms of Mayotte, Comoro Islands, Indian Ocean
Nicole Ludwig

Vol. 43, No. 4

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Front cover:  Hyphaene coriacea at the Montgomery Botanical Center.  Photo by John Dransfield.
Back cover:  Arrangement by Mayna Hutchinson at the Montgomery Botanical Center. 

Contents for October 1999 Palms

Flowering and Fruiting Phenology in Certain Palms
M.H. Chapin
The Small Palm (Allagoptera campestris) in Misiones, Argentina
Sandra E. Chediack
Seed Anomalies in a Butia x Syagrus Hybrid
Daniel P. Sekella and Richard J. Smith
Control of Royal Palm Bug, Xylastodoris luteolus (Hemiptera:   Thaumastocoridae), with Imidacloprid:  A Refinement in the Method
F.W. Howard and Alan Stopek
Where There Is No Beer:  Arenga pinnata and Sagueir in Sulawesi, Indonesia
Stephen F. Siebert
Venture to Vanua Balavu:  Collecting Pritchardia thurstonii in its Native Habitat
Dylan Fuller and Emma C. Jones
Coccothrinax munizii
Carlo Morici
Satakentia Revisited
Jean-Christophe Pintaud and Hiroaki Steoguchi


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