Principes 1998

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Vol. 42, No. 1

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Front cover:  Trachycarpus latisectus
Back cover:  Pigafetta filaris, near Manokwari, Irian Jaya
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Contents for January 1998

Seed Dispersal and Predation of the Palm Acrocomia aculeata
Aldieir Scariot
Hyophorbe amaricaulis in Cuba?
Rolf Kyburz
Phoenix acaulis
Shri Dhar
Hybridization - Butia x Syagrus
Merrill Wilcox as told to Don Tollefson
The growth form of Phytelephas seemannii - a potentially immortal solitary palm
Rodrigo Bernal
This article available online
Trachycarpus latisectus - The Windamere Palm
Martin Gibbons and Tobias W. Spanner
A Revision of Kentiopsis, A Genus Endemic to New Caledonia
Jean-Christophe Pintaud and Donald R. Hodel
John Dransfield

Vol. 42, No. 2

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Front cover:  The bottom of Valley Gran Rey (La Gomera, Canary Islands); Phoenix canariensis emerge from a sea of reeds (Arundo donax).  Photo by Carlos Simon.
Back cover:  Blue tanagers (Thraupis aepiscopus) are among the most frequent visitors to the ripe infructescences of Aiphanes aculeata, as in this picture, taken in Medellin, Colombia.

Contents for April 1998

Palms of the Reserva Natural del Bosque Mbaracayu, Paraguay (Mbaracayu Natural Forest Reserve)
Belen Jimenez and sandra Knapp
Control of Royal Palm Bug with imidacloprid
F.W. Howard and Allan Stopek
This article available online
Phoenix canariensis in the wild
Carlo Morici
Notes on Geonoma in Mesoamerica
Greg de Nevers and Michael H. grayum
Effects of Ecosane on palm growth
David H. Romney
Ecosane and the growth of containerized palms
Howard Waddell
Notes on recent palm species and records from Peninsular Thailand
Lim Chong Keat

Vol. 42, No. 3

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Front cover:  Nikau palms on Chatham Island, New Zealand.  Photo by Dick Endt.
Back cover:  Tectiphiala ferox. 
Photo by Carl E. Lewis

Contents for July 1998

Palms and Amerindian Fishing in Amazonas State, Venezuela
Francisco J. Guanchez and Gustavo A. Romero
A Note on Indigenous Uses of Dypsis decaryi in Southern Madagascar
Wendy Walker and Laurence J. Dorr
Palm Resources at the Centre for Economic Botany at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Sasha C. Barrow
The Chatham Islands:  Home of the Most Southern Naturally Occurring Palm in The World, Rhopalostylis "Chatham"
Dick Endt
Three New Species of Burretiokentia
Jean-Christophe Pintaud and Donald R. Hodel
In Search of Thrinax ekmaniana
Paul Craft
Astrocaryum minus, Rediscovered in French Guiana
Francis Kahn and Jean-Jaques de Granville

Vol. 42, No. 4

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Front cover:  Veitchia metiti Becc.  Photo by Scott Zona.
Back cover:  Chuniophoenix nana grown as a container plant, bearing clusters of orange-red fruits.  Photo by Scott Zona

Contents for October 1998

Reproductive Phenology of Cryosophila warscewiczii in Central Panama
Gregory H. Adler, Scott A. Mangan, Thomas D. Lambert
Marion Ruff Sheehan
Natalie W. Uhl
Palm Society Membership:  Looking ahead to the 21st Century
John Cressey, Gregory Haines
Palms and People:  A Symposium Summary
Terrance W. Walters
This article available online
Chuniophoenix in Cultivation
Scott Zona
The Making of a Dugout Canoe from the Trunk of the Palm Iriartea deltoidea
Dennis V. Johnson, Kember Mejia
Germination Characteristics of Sago Palm Seeds and Spine Emergence in Seedlings Produced from Spineless Palm Seeds
Hiroshi Ehara, Chikamasa Komada, Osamu Morita
The Palm flora of the Maquipucuna Montane Forest Reserve, Ecuador
Jens-Christina Svenning and Henrik Balslev
Astrocaryum carnosum and A. Chonta (Palmae), New Host for the Weevil Dynamis borassi (Curculionidae:   Rhynchophorinae)
Guy Couturier, Charles W. O'Brien, Francis Kahn


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