Principes 1996

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Vol. 40, No. 1

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Front cover:  Hyphaene sp. in the Red Sea region of Saudi Arabia. 
Photo by Michael Otier.
Back cover:  Ptychosperma waitianum at Fairchild Tropical Garden on 12/26/94.  Photo by Kirsten Llamas.
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Contents for January 1996

The Reproductive Phenology and Pollination Biology of Four Calamus (Arecaceae) Species in Thailand
Anders Bogh
Natural History and Uses of Tagua (Phytelephas seemannii) in Panama
J.W. Dalling, K.I. Harms, J.R. Eberhard, and I. Candanedo
This article available online
The Red Sea Hyphaene of Saudi Arabia
Michael Otier
Some Observations on the Growing of the Chonta Palm Juania australis
Dick Endt
Miriam L. Bombard's Contributions to the Study of Palms
Dennis V. Johnson
Melvin W. Sneed
Leonard H. Goldstein
Melvin W. Sneed
Natalie W. Uhl and John Dransfield
Gertrude Cole
Lucita Hardie Wait
DeArmand L. Hull
Memories of Lucita Wait and Mel Sneed
Jim Cain

Vol. 40, No. 2

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Front cover:  Medemia argun in its natural habitat, Nubian Desert, Sudan
Back cover:  Medemia argun.  The beautiful criss-cross pattern formed by the leafbases

Contents for April 1996

This article available online
Medemia argun Lives!
Martin Gibbon and Tobias Spanner
Diversity and Distribution of Palms in Bolivia
Monica Moraes R.
Floral Biology and Insect Visitation of the Monoecious Palm Prestoea decurrens on the Pacific Coast of Colombia
Finn Ervik and Rodrigo Bernal
Uses of Some Indigenous Vanatu Palms
John L. Dowe
Palms over LA:  Conspicuous by Their Nature, Not Their Numbers
Donald R. Hodel
In Vitro Germination of Chamaedorea seifrizii
M. Daquinta, O. Concepcion, Iris Capote, Isabel Cobo, Maritza Escalona, and C. Borroto
IPS Extends Palm-Lined Electronic Highway into CIS (CompuServe Information Service)
Lynn McKamey

Vol. 40, No. 3

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Front cover:  Cryosophila nana in its dry-forest habitat south of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.  Photo by R. Evans
Back cover:  Root spines of Cryosophila guagara in Gamalotillo, Costa Rica. 
Photo by R. Evans

Contents for July 1996

Stem Structure of the Cuban Belly Palm (Gastrococos crispa)
Jack B. Fisher, James N. Burch, and Larry R. Noblick
Conservation Status of Cryosophila with Special Reference to the Critically Endangered Cryosophila cookii and Cryosophila williamsii
Randall J. Evans
Pelagodoxa henryana in Fiji
R.H. (Dick) Phillips
"Paradiso Principum" -- A Palm Paradise in Cuba
Celio E. Moya Lopez and Peter T. Mayotte
1996 IPS Biennial Private Garden Tours
Don Tollefson

Vol. 40, No. 4

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Front cover:  Bactris militaris in Costa Rica with Mark Binder for scale
Back cover:  Coccothrinax yunquensis on El Yunque, a limestone mountain in southeastern Cuba

Contents for October 1996

Sabal Palmetto Naturalized in Western Louisiana
Garrie P. Landry and William D. Reese
Improving Root Development on Ground and Aerial Date Palm Offshoots
F.A. Al-Mana, M.A. Ed-Hamady, M.A. Bacha, and A.O. Abdelrahman
Ducks and Raphia australis
Paul Tuley
From Inches to Yards:  Costa Rica's Simple-leaved Palms and More
Donald R. Hodel and Mark P. Binder
Controlled Pollination of the Pejibaye Palm
Jorge Mora-Urpi and Ramon Mexzon
An Update on Palms in Puerto Rico
Ralph Velez
Coccothrinax yunquensis
Carlo Morici
Facilitation of Hurricane Recovery in Miami
DeArmand L. Hull
Two New Species of Chamaedorea from Costa Rica
Donald R. Hodel



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