Principes 1995

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Vol. 39, No. 1

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Front cover:  Zombia antillarum painted by Lee Adams
Back cover:  Coccothrinax argentata, a painting by Lee Adams
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Contents for January 1995

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Reintroduction of Pseudophoenix sargentii in the Florida Keys
Carol Lippincott
Three New Species of Chamaedorea from Panama
Donald R. Hodel
Effect of Bottom Heat and Substrate on Seed Germination of Pejibaye (Bactris gasipaes) in Hawaii
Charles R. Clement and Nicklos S. Dudley
Bruchid Beetles and Palm Seeds:  Recorded Relationships
Clarence Dan Johnson, Scott Zona, and Jan A. Nilsson
A New Species of Pritchardia from Mitiaro, Cook Islands
John Dransfield and Yves Ehrhart
An Artist of Palms Remembered
Lester C. Pancoast
Field Performance of Tissue Cultured Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Clonally Produced by Somatic Embryogenesis
Richard J. Smith and John S. Aynsley

Vol. 39, No. 2

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Front cover:  The Stone Gate Palm (Trachycarpus princeps) growing on steep cliffs above the Salween River in northwest Yunnan, China
Back cover:  Closeup of the Stone Gate Palm (Trachycarpus princeps) in northwest Yunnan, China

Contents for April 1995

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Trachycarpus princeps, the Stone Gate Palm, an Exciting New Species from China
Martin Gibbons, Tobias W. Spanner, and Chen San Yang
Carpoxylon at the Natural History Museum, London
Scott Zona
A Taxonomic History and Reexamination of Sabal minor in the Mississippi Valley
Paul F. Ramp and Leonard B. Thien
Gymnopilus palmicola a Lignicolous Basidiomycete, Growing in the Adventitious Roots of the Palm Sabal palmetto in Texas
Sales P. Abraham and Alfred R. Loeblich III
Predation of Phytelephas aequatorialis seeds ("vegetable ivory") by the bruchid beetle Caryoborus chiriquensis
Henrik Borgtoft Pedersen
Looking for Chrysalidocarpus pembanus and Finding Calamus ornatus in Ngezi Forest, Tanzania
Georgina Zibarras and Flo Liebst
A New Species of Gronophyllum from the Bismarck Archipelago
Frederick B. Essig
The FCCJ Palm Garden
Edwin Brown
Observations on the Seasonal Consistency in Germination Timing for Scheelea zonensis
Kyle E. Harms and James W. Dalling

Vol. 39, No. 3

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Front cover:  Phoenix theophrasti growing on calcareious cliffs at Finike Bay, Turkey
Back cover:  Leopoldinia pulchra reflected in the black water of Cano Ucata in Amazonas State, Venezuela.

Contents for July 1995

A New Locality for Phoenix in Turkey:  Golkoy-Bodrum
Melih Boydak and Sasha Barrow
A Checklist and Analysis of the Palms of the Bismarck Archipelago
Frederick B. Essig
This article available online!
Searching for Palms in Eastern Panama
Charles E. Hubbuch and Paul Craft
The Rediscovery of Chamaedorea donnell-smithii (C. seifrizii)
Donald R. Hodel,  Juan Jose Castillo Mont, and Ramon Zuniga
A revision of Calyptronoma (Arecaceae)
Scott Zona
The Flowers and Unusual Inflorescences of Leopoldinia
Francisco J. Guanchez and Gustavo A. Romero

Vol. , No. 4

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Front cover:  Desmoncus orthacanthos, a South American rattan, growing in Belize, CA.  Photo by Claudio Pinheiro
Back cover:  Ceroxylon quindiuense at sunset.  Photo by Andrew Henderson

Contents for October 1995

Nannorrhops richiana, the Mazari Palm, in Pakistan
Martin Gibbons and Tobias W. Spanner
Two New species of Chamaedorea from Honduras
Donald R. Hodel, Juan Jose Castillo Mont, and Ramon Zuniga
Palms of the Maltese Islands
Stephan Mifsud
Profiles and Pan -African Distributions of the Rattan Species (Calamoideae) Recorded in Nigeria
Andrew B. Morakinyo
Production of Ramets and Germination of Prestoea trichoclada (Arecaeae) A Source of Palm Heart in Ecuador
Diego Bonilla and Jan P. Feil
This article available online!
Palms in Europe:  The Palms of Elche
Rolf Kyburz
Pseudophoenix sargentii, an Endangered Palm Species
Rafael Duran



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