Principes 1994

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Vol. 38, No. 1

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Front cover:  Caryota cumingii growing in the Botanic Garden, Caracas, Venezuela.   Photo by Andrew Henderson.
Back cover:  The colorful fruiting branches of Oenocarpus balickii, a recently described Venezuelan palm.  Photo by Andrew Henderson.
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Contents for January 1994

This article is available online
The Coconut Palm in East Africa:  1. East African Tall
M. Schuiling and H.C. Harries
Pollination and Pollinator Breeding in Desmoncus
Christina Listabarth
Vegetative Growth in Chamaedorea bartlingiana
Michele Ataroff and Teresa Schwarzkopf
An Oklahoma Cottage Industry Utilizing the Dwarf Palm Sabal minor
Peter W. Perschbacher
African Bass/Piassava -- A Historical Perspective
Paul Tuley
Palms in the Cloud Forest of the Henri Pittier National Park, Venezuela
Fred W. Stauffer and Hector Rodriguez R.

Vol. 38, No. 2

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Front cover:  Trachycarpus martianus in its natural habitat, Khasia Hills, India.
Back cover:  A young, cultivated plant of Trachycarpus martianus, Shillong.

Contents for April 1994

A Systematic Survey of Freeze-Damaged palms in the New Orleans Area after the 1989 Freeze of the Century
Severn C. Doughty, Daniel J. Gill, and David C. Blouin
The Days I Found Lakatra, and Trouble
Henk Beentje
Our Humble Beginnings
Dennis Hundscheidt
Growing Palms in a Temperate Climate:  Principes Interview -- Ralph Velez
Don Tollefson
Trachycarpus martianus      This article is available online
Martin Gibbons and Tobias Spanner
A Survey of Insects Associated with Coconut Palms in NIFOR Benin with Emphasis on Possible Vectors of Bronze Leaf Wilt ("Awka wilt") Disease
C.I. Aisagbonhi and K.O. Kolade
The Vanishing Palms of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India
Sam P. Mathew and Susan Abraham
Northern Limit of Palms in North America:  Trachycarpus in Canada
Nick Parker
A Study of the in situ Situation of Four Species of Threatened Understory Palms of the Genus Chamaedorea in the Wild in the State of Veracruz, Mexico
Andrew P. Vovides and Miguel A. Garcia Bielma

Vol. 38, No. 3

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Front cover:  Parajubaea torallyi growing at 2000m, Vallegrande, Depto.   Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
Back cover:  Chrysalidocarpus decipiens growing on a rocky hillslope west of Ambositra, Madagascar.  Photo by David DuPuy.

Contents for July 1994

The Conservation Status of Schippia concolor in Belize
Michael J. Balick and Dennis Johnson
Chrysalidocarpus decipiens        This article is available online
Henk Beentje and John Dransfield
Phoenix dactylifera Cultivars with Resistance to Graphiola Leaf Spot
Laurence M. Bains
The Coconut Palm in East Africa.  2.  The Pemba Dwarf in Zanzibar
E. Krain, J.A. Issa, A. Kullaya, and H.C. Harries
The Distribution and Characteristics of Louisiana Petrified Palmwood
Melvin E. Schmidt
Ecology and Uses of Parajubaea torallyi in Bolivia
Israel Vargas C.
The Chamaedorea Research Collection in Los Angeles
Donald R. Hodel
Palms in Stone
Wulf Killmann and John Dransfield

Vol. 38, No. 4

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Front cover:  Phoenix roebelenii, at the Golden Triangle overlooking the Mekong River in Northern Thailand.
Back cover:  Ravenea xerophila, growing in dry thorn bush.

Contents for October 1994

In Search of Phoenix roebelenii:  The Xishuangbanna Palm
Sasha Barrow
Effects of Hurricane Joan on the Palms of the Caribbean Coast Rainforest of Nicaragua
John Vandermeer
Talk about New World Thrinacinae
Lester Pancoast and Ken Johnson
Ravenea in Madagascar        This article is available online
Henk Beentje
Illegal Palm Felling in Lokobe Reserve, Madagascar
A.J. Adany, C.R. Birkinshaw and J.R. Andrews
A Gem for Tissue Culture:  Asterogyne spicata of Venezuela
Sven Nehlin
The Biennial Meeting of the International Palm Society (IPS) in Caracas, Venezuela
John David Rees
Jardin Botanico de Caracas:  A Tour by August Braun
Phil Bergman



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