Principes 1993

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Vol. 37, No. 1

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Front cover:  The huge tristichous palm -- which later turned out to be Chrysalidocarpus fibrosus.  Photo by H. Beentje
Back cover:  Ravenea madagascariensis ver. monticola in a south/central forest in Madagascar.  Photo by H. Beentje.
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Contents for January 1993

The Days I Didn't Find Lakatra
Henk Beentje
Thoughts on Hapaxanthy in Guyana
Peter D.H. Pritchard
Trekking on the Trachycarpus Trail
Martin Gibbons
Population Structure of Two Palm Species in a Community of Sand Dune Scrub in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Roger Orellana and Nancy N. Ayora
Feeding Sites of Some Leaf and Planthopper Insects (Homoptera:   Auchenorrhyncha) Associated with Coconut Palms
James H. Tsai and Jack B. Fisher
Hypothesizing about Palm Weevil and Palm Rhinoceros Beetle Larvae as Traditional Cuisine, Tropical Waste Recycling and Pest and Disease Control on Coconut and Other Palms -- Can They be Integrated?
Gene R. DeFoliart
A Needle Palm in the Northern Landscape
Joe Hebert

Vol. 37, No. 2

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Front cover:  The pale silvery form of Trachycarpus nanus, growing in the wild in China.  Photo by Martin Gibbons.
Back cover:  Trachycarpus nanus sometimes develop a short trunk.  Photo by Martin Gibbons.

Contents for April 1993

In Search of Trachycarpus nanus
Martin Gibbons and Tobias Spanner
Successional Patterns of Understory Palms in an Old Cacao Plantation on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica
John Vandermeer
Physiochemical Soil Factors Influencing the Distribution of Two Coastal Palms in Yucatan, Mexico
Nancy N. Ayora and Roger Orellana
Trachycarpus fortunei and its Uses in Northwest Yunnan, China
John Dickie, Michael J. Balick, and Isabelle M. Linington

Vol. 37, No. 3

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Front cover:  Chamaerops humilis blasted by winter winds and salt spray on a cliff top in northeastern Majorca, Spain.  Photo by J. Dransfield.
Back cover:  Well grown Chamaerops humilis in its limestone habitat, Majorca, Spain.  Photo by J. Dransfield.

Contents for July 1993

The Growth of Some Palms in Tahiti
Donald R. Hodel
Flowering Biology and Insect Visitation of Three Ecuadorean Aiphanes Species
Finn Borchsenius
On the Mediterranean Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis)
M.E. Merlo, M.M. Aleman, J. Cabello, and J. Penas
A New Record of Manicaria for Peru
Cesar A. Grandez Rios and Andrew Henderson
Lord Howe Island
Bill Gunther
Fasciation in the Male Rachillae of Borassus flabellifer
S. Veerasamy and Govindappa D. Arekal

Vol. 37, No. 4

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Front cover:  Ravenea musicalis, mature fruiting trees in deep water.  Photo by Henk Beentje.
Back cover:  Mayon volcano on Luzon Island, The Philippines, with cadang-cadang diseases coconut on the right.  Photo by Karl Maramorosch.

Contents for October 1993

Desmoncus as a Useful Palm in the Western Amazon Basin
Andrew Henderson and Flor Chavez
The Threat of Cadang-Cadang Disease
Karl Maramorosch
A New Aquatic Palm from Madagascar
Henk J. Beentji
New Species of Vanuatu Palms
John L. Dowe
Local distribution and Ecology of "Palha Preta" -- A Pioneer and Invasive Palm in Jari, Lower Amazon
M.J. Pires-O'Brien
A New Pest of the African Oil Palm in the Neotropics:  Periphoba hircia (Lepidoptera Saturniidae Hemileucinae)
Guy Couturier and Francis Kahn



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