Principes 1992

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Vol. 36, No. 1

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Front cover:  Dictyocaryum lamarkianum (Martius) Wendl. growing on slopes of the western Cordillera in Colombia.  Photo by Andrew Henderson.
Back cover:  Close-up of a staminate inflorescence of Wettinia hirsuta Burret growing on Cerro Jefe, Panama.  Photo by Andrew Henderson.
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Contents for January 1992

A New Species of Heterospathe (Palmae) from New Britain
Frederick B. Essig
Ecology and Distribution of Nibung (Oncosperma tigillarium) within the Krakatau Islands, Indonesia
T. Partomihardjo, E. Mirmanto, S. Riswan and U.J. Whittaker
Palms of China
D.A. Griffiths
Mycoflora of Roots of Texas Palm (Sabal mexicana) in Louisiana
D.A. Hollier and S.C. Doughty
Tapping Patterns of the Kitul Palm (Caryota urens) in the Sinharaja Area, Sri Lanka
Neela de Zoysa
Distribution Update:  Sabal domingensis in Cuba
Scott Zona
Licuala grandis in its Native Habitat in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
Philip Cribb
Chamaedorea minima
Bill Gunther
Seedling Blight Disease of Raphia hookeri Caused by Glomerella cingulata in Nigeria
E.A. Oruade-Dimaro and Comfort A. Ekundayo
Notes on the Treatment of Palm Fruits by Long-tailed Macaques (Macaca fascicularis)
P.W. Lucas and R.T. Corlett

Vol. 36, No. 2

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Front cover:  Pejibaye Palms tower above an Indian village of the Sequoya tribe on the Putumayo River, Peru.  Photo by Jorge Mara-Urpi

Contents for April 1992

On the Pejibaye Palm:  A Presentation
Jorge Mora-Urpi
Pejibaye Palm Fruit Contribution to Human Nutrition
A. Blanco Metzler, M. Montero Campos, M. Fernandez Piedra and J. Mora-Urpi
Domesticated Palms
Charles R. Clement
A New Species of Areca from Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra
John Dransfield and Lim Chong-Keat
Some Aspects of the Palms of Madagascar, and Their Cultivation at the Parc de Tsimbazaza, Antananarivo
Blaise and David Du Puy and Voara Randrianasolo
Commercial Transplanting of Wild Cabbage Palms, Sabal palmetto, in Florida
James T. Menge and Kyle E. Brown

Vol. 36, No. 3

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Front cover:  Ripe fruit of Voanioala gerardii, Madagascar.  Photo by J. Dransfield.
Back cover:  A tree of Voanioala gerardii in the rain forests of northeast Madagascar.  Note the conspicuous leaf scars on the trunk.  Photo by J. Dransfield.

Contents for July 1992

Voanioala, The Forest coconut
John Dransfield
Some Field Observations of Brahea in Tamaulipas, Mexico
Bruce Erickson
The Use of Palms by the Pume Indians of Southwestern Venezuela
Red L. Gragson
An Ethonobotanical Sketch of the Palm Bactris (Guilielma) gasipaes
Victor M. Patino
Borassus aethiopum, A Threatened Multiple Purpose Palm in Senegal
Bienvenu Sambou, Jonas E. Lawesson, and Anders S. Barfod
Biogeography of the Coconut Cocos nucifera L.
Hugh C. Harries

Vol. , No. 4

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Front cover:  Two Borassus aethiopum at Fairchild Tropical Garden blown over by Hurricane Andrew.  These two specimens were later righted and braced.  Photo by Will Houghton.
Back cover:  Tree of Scheelea fairchildensis uprooted by Hurricane Andrew at Fairchild Tropical Garden.  Herbarium, wood and tissue samples for the National Cancer Institute are being collected by scientists from Fairchild Tropical Garden and N.Y. Botanical Garden.  Photo by Will Houghton.

Contents for October 1992

Cayon Tajo
Bill Gunther
Additions to Chamaedorea Palms:  New Species from Mexico and Guatemala and Miscellaneous Notes
Donald R. Hodel
Current Status of Mexican Palms
Hermilo J. Quero
Lethal Yellowing Susceptibility of Date Palms in Florida
F.W. Howard



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