Principes 1991

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Vol. 35, No. 1

Palm House at KewDypsis forficifolia

Front cover:  The restored and replanted Palm House at Kew, November 1990.  Photo by Sue Minter.
Back cover:  Dypsis forficifolia, an elegant clustering palm in the undergrowth of the lowland rain forest, Masoala.  Madagascar.  Photo by J. Dransfield.
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Contents for January 1991

Additional New Species of Chamaedorea
Donald R. Hodel and Juan Jose Castillo Mont
The Palm House at Kew:  A New Beginning
Sue Minter
The Native Palms of Chile:  A Rare Opportunity to Visit the Private Hacienda, Las Palmas Cocalan
Dick Endt
The Palm Communities of Two "Terra Firme" Forests in the Peruvian Amazon
Francis Kahn and Kember Mejia
An Annotated Key to the Cultivated Species of Coccothrinax
Clifton E. Nauman and Roger Saunders
Tourism Is Affecting the Stand Structure of the Coco-der-Mer
Andrew J.P. Savage and Peter S. Ashton
The Royal Palm on the Island of Hispaniola
Thomas A. Zanoni

Vol. 35, No. 2

Sabal in Brazoria County, Texaspb9104.JPG (116771 bytes)

Front cover:  Large-trunked Sabal sp. with rancher and IPS member Mike Rayburn, in Brazoria County, Texas.  Photo by Carol Lockett.
Back cover:  Sabal minor growing Hill Country, an unusual habitat for this species.  Photo by Carol Lockett.

Contents for April 1991

Native Texas Palms North of the Rio Grande Valley:  Recent Discoveries
Landon Lockett
New Species of Chamaedorea from Central America
Donald R. Hodel
The Mpapindi Palm (Chrysalidocarpus pembanus) of Pemba Island, Tanzania
Dennis V. Johnson
Ecological Aspects of the Interaction between Chamaedorea tepejilota, a Dioecious Palm and Calyptocephala marginipennis, a Herbivorous Beetle, in a Mexican Rain Forest
K. Oyama and R. Dirzo
Ecuador -- A Paradise of Palms
Dick Endt
The Quest for Jubaeopsis caffra, the Pondoland Palm
Ed Brown
Hybrid Coconut Seed Garden in Costa Rica
Richard Illingworth

Vol. 35, No. 3

Chamaedorea tenerrima Chamaedorea stricta

Front cover:  Chamaedorea tenerrima has one of the most striking leaves in the genus and, perhaps, in the entire palm family.  Photo by D.R. Hodel.
Back cover:  Chamaedorea stricta Standl. & Steyerm. grows in dense mountain forests on the wet Pacific slope of Volcan Tajumulco in western Guatemala.  Photo by D.R. Hodel.

Contents for July 1991

The Wilson Botanical Garden
Jim Mintken and Bill Gunther
Nypa in the Mangroves of Central America:  Introduced or Relict?
Norman C. Duke
Two New Species of Chamaedorea (Arecaceae) from Panama
Michael H. Grayum and Donald R. Hodel
Notes on the Distribution of Bentinckia condapanna on the Palni Hill in Peninsular India
K.M. Matthew
Phenolic Constituents of Coccothrinax (Palmae)
Maria T. Kowalska, Roger W. Sanders, and Clifton E. Nauman
The Potential for Introduction and Establishment of the Red Ring Nematode in Florida
R.M. Giblin-Davis
The ISHS Coconut Registration Authority
Hugh C. Harries
Seed Predation by a Curculionid Beetle on the Dioecious Palm Chamaedorea tepejilote
Ken Oyama
A Simple Fertilizer Trial with Coconuts
David H. Romney
The Botanical Gardens of the University of the South Pacific
R.H. Phillips
Notes on the Genus Acanthococos
William J. Hahn
News of the Society
The Chamaedorea Book

Vol. 35, No. 4

Roystonea violacea Borassodendron borneense

Front cover:  The endemic Roystonea violacea with its violet-brown trunk near Rio Maya, Maisi, eastern Cuba.  Photo by Scott Zona
Back cover:  Borassodendron borneense in primary lowland rain forest, Brunei.   Photo by John Dransfield.

Contents for October 1991

The cultivated species of Chamaedorea with cespitose habit and pinnate leaves
Donald R. Hodel
Cane weevil borer, Rhabdoscelus obscurus:  (Coleoptera:  Curculionidae), a pest of palms in northern Queensland, Australia
K.H. Halfpapp and R.I. Storey
Physiology and biochemistry of lethal yellowing in Cocos nucifera
C.M. Oropeza, J.M. Santamaria, M.A. Villanueva, and V.M. Loyola-Vargas
Sabal gretheriae, a new species of palm from the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Hermilo J. Quero
Notes on Roystonea in Cuba
Scott Zona



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