Principes 1989

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Vol. 33, No. 1
First Color Issue

Cocos nuciferaCorypha umbraculifera

Front cover:  Cocos nucifera, the coconut, towers above fruit trees in the village orchards of Kandy, Sri Lanka.  Photo by J. Dransfield
Back cover:  Corypha umbraculifera, in full flower in a village orchard, Kergalle, Sri Lanka.  Photo by J. Dransfield
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Contents for January 1989

Long Term Effects of Gibberellin and Cytokinin on Coconut Trees
Jack B. Fisher and William F. Theobald
Bugs of Lincus spp. Vectors of Marchitex and Hartrot (Oil Palm and Coconut Diseases) on Astrocaryum spp. Amazonian Native Palms
Guy Couturier and Francis Kahn
The Apung Palm:  Traditional Techniques of Sugar Tapping and Alcohol Extraction in Sarawak
F.W. Fong
On the Reproductive Biology of the Dwarf Palm, Chamaerops humilis in Southern Spain
Javier Herrera
Prehistoric Development and Dispersal of the Desert Fan Palm
Bradford F. Hicks
Discovering Palms in Europe
Rolf Kyburz
Water Treatments for Palms
Ralph Velez
Palm Growing in Central Florida
Hershell L. Womble

Vol. 33, No. 2

Carpoxylon macrospermum Livistona

Front cover:  Carpoxylon macrospermum on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu.   Photo by J.L. Dowe
Back cover:  Livistona sp. "Cape River" on Coutts' cattle station in "true Australian bush."  Photo by Natalie Uhl.

Contents for April 1989

Cold-Weather Experience in South Florida
Leonard Goldstein
The Unexpected Rediscovery of Carpoxylon macrospermum
John I. Dowe
Carpoxylon macrospermum
John L. Dower and Natalie W. Uhl
Bees and Palms in Peninsular Malaysia
Ruth Kiew and Mohamad Muid
Seed of Trithrinax campestris
Ron Harris
The Dilemma of a Dwindling Resource:  Rattan in Kerinci, Sumatra
Stephen F. Siebert
Attalea crassispatha, an Endemic and Endangered Haitian Palm
Andrew Henderson and Michel Aubry
How Many More Palms?
P.B. Tomlinson
Collecting Endangered Palms in Peninsular Malaysia
Ruth Kiew
Brava for Butia
Tamar Myers
In Appreciation of Iris Bannochie and her Garden "Andromeda"
Lynn McKamey
The IPS Down-Under Report
Greg Cuffe

Vol. 33, No. 3

Clinostigma exorrhiza Rhapis excelsa and R. humilis

Front cover:  Clinostigma exorrhiza growing on Taveuni, Fiji.  Photo by John L. Dowe
Back cover:  Rhapis excelsa and R. humilis at the Huntington Botanical Garden.   Photo by Kenneth McKamey. 

Contents for July 1989

Geonoma linearis -- a Rheophytic Palm from Colombia and Ecuador
Gloria Galeano Garces and Flemming Skov
Endangerment of Colombian Palms
Rodrigo Bernal
This article available online!
Rhapis Palms -- Cultivated Species and Varieties:  Culture and Care of the Ladies
Lynn McKamey
Millions of Alleged Rhapis Seed Sprout into Guihaia argyrata
Lynn McKamey
Demography of Astrocaryum sciophilum, an Understory Palm of French Guiana
Plinio Sist

Vol. 33, No. 4

Ammandra natalia Ammandra natalia inflorescence

Front cover:  A staminate tree of the recently described Ammandra natalia Balslev & Henderson, a vegetable ivory palm growing in eastern Ecuador.  Photo by A. Henderson
Back cover:  The strange pistillate inflorescence of Ammandra natalia Balslev & Henderson, taken in Ecuador.  Photo by A. Henderson

Contents for October 1989

The Cabbage Palms of Billy's Island
by Kyle E. Brown
Questions and Answers about Lethal Yellowing Disease
F.W. Howard and C.I. Barrant
Species Richness, Density and Distribution of Palms in an Eastern Amazonian Seasonally Flooded Forest
A.O. Scariot, A.T. Oliveira Filho, and E. Lleras
The Rise and Fall of Vegetable Ivory
Anders Barfod
Influence of Temperature on Germination of Sabal causiarum Seed
W.J. Carpenter


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