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First Issue of Principes
October 1956

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Front and back covers of Palms
Each issue of Palms includes photos of palms in their native habitat.  Palms, formerly Principes, is known primarily as a scientific publication.  General interest articles are included whenever possible.  Read the author guidelines for more information.   


The most historical, comprehensive collection of palm information can be found in the back issues of Principes, first printed in 1956 and now called Palms. Back issues contain articles about every aspect of palms - new discoveries, travelogues, botanical gardens, growing from seed, culture, and many other interesting features.

Now available are two sets of assorted back issues from Volumes 33-37 and Volumes 38-42 with color photos.  These special sets offer over 50% savings off a single issue price of $10 per copy. Sets D, and E each feature different issues. 

20-issue Set D of Principes Vol. 33-37 (1989-1993), a $200 value, for $99
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20-issue Set E of Principes Vol. 38-42 (1994-1998), a $200 value, for $99
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Complete Index to Volumes 1-40   (1956 to 1996 issues of Principes)  $10
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PALMS (formerly PRINCIPES), published quarterly by the International Palm Society, provides a fascinating blend of botanical and cultural articles and reflects the wide range of interest of our members. Travel with an author into remote regions around the world to search for new species. Learn how to pollinate and hybridize cultivated palms. Discover new uses for these interesting plants in your landscape and home. A subscription to Palms is one of the benefits of becoming an IPS member. Effective 1999, Palms became the new name of the IPS quarterly journal.

The first issue of Principes had 28 pages and was published in October 1956 by our Founder Dent Smith, who also served as President and editor. Dent was quite a character, and his features in some early issues provide excellent scientific information flavored with his delightful sense of humor. You can view some extracts from the first issue by taking the link below.

Dr. Harold Moore, a Libery Hyde Bailey Professor of Botany at Cornell University, eventually became editor and was followed by co-editors -- Dr. Natalie Uhl, an associate professor at Cornell and Dr. John Dransfield, the Principle Scientific Officer and Head of the Palm Section of the Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England.

An index to Principes and over 100 volumes of back issues are available to members and comprise the most complete collection of palm information in publication.  The journal measures, 6.75 by 10 inches (17.15 by 25.4 centimeters) and usually consists of about 60 pages. The covers are color and there is a generous usage of color throughout.   The Journal evolved through the years to contain more pages and to display color covers in 1989. The overall size was enlarged in the 1990s and color pages were added throughout.   Use our online shopping cart to order a copy of the index

Since palms have long been considered "princes of the plant kingdom"; the name PRINCIPES was derived from the plural form of the Latin noun princeps.


1956.jpg (8465 bytes)
First Issue
Vol.1, No.1 1956

1989.jpg (10850 bytes)
First Color Issue
Vol.33, No.1 1989

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Larger Format
Vol.42, No.1 1998


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