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Vol. 48, No. 1

Front cover:  Nannorrhops ritchieana, Jebel Akhdhar, Oman.  Photo:  J. Dransfield
Back cover:  Hyphaene guineensis growing at Sette Cama, Gabon.  Photo:  J. van Valkenburg
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Contents for Volume 48(1) Palms

A New Locality for Marojejya darianii in Madagascar
Adam Britt, Bernard Iambana and Tianjanahary Randriamboavonjy
Hyphaene guineensis
John van Valkenburf and John Dransfield
Liberty Hyde Bailey:  Pioneer of Palm Systematics
Eric Hsu
A New Species of Chamaedorea from Columbia
Rodrigo Bernal, Gloria Galeana and Donald R. Hodel
Nannorrhops in Oman
John Dransfield
Floral Biology and Insect Visitors of the Understory Palm Synechanthus warscewiczianus at the Pacific Coast of Colombia
Robert Siefke and Rodrigo Bernal
Transfer of Syagrus campicola to Butia
Larry R. Noblick
Syagrus coronata and Syagrus vagans:  Traditional Exploitation in Bahia, Brazil
Iara Candido Crepaldi, Antonio Salatino and Alone Rios

Vol. 48, No. 2

Front cover:  A handsome, clustered Pinanga with dark brown stems and mottled leaves grew in dense forest on the Rakhine State/Magway Division border, Mayanmar.  Photo:  D. Hodel
Back cover:  A Trachycarpus (probably T. martianus) occured on very steep, grassy slopes at 2650 meters elevation on Mt. Victoria, Chin State, Myanmar.  Photo:  D. Hodel


Contents for Volume 48(2) Palms

Night Train to Mandalay, Part I
D.R. Hodel
Syagrus cearensis, a Twin-Stemmed New Palm from Brazil
L.R. Noblick
Fun Made the Fair Coconut Shy
H.C. Harries
Production of a Second Set of Stilt Roots in Arborescent Palms:  A Solution to the Puzzle
G. Avalos
Vegetative Transformation of Inflorescences in Socratea salazarii
J.C. Pintaud and B. Millan
The White Powder Dypsis:  A New Species from Cultivation
D.R. Hodel and J. Marcus
Status of the Bankauale Palm, Livistona carinensis, in Djibouti
H. Ford and C. Bealy

Vol. 48, No. 3

Front cover:  Sabal palmetto consumed by fire in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park.  Photo:  K. Wendelberger
Back cover:  Looking up into the crown of Syagrus vermicularis, a species newly described in this issue of PALMS by L. Noblick.  Photo: L. Noblick


Contents for Volume 48(3) Palms

Syagrus vermicularis, a Fascinating New Palm from Northern Brazil
L. Noblick
Fire Returns to Native Palm in South Florida
S. Wright
Night Train to Mandalay, Part II
D.R. Hodel
Edible Palms of Southern Ecuador
V. Van den Eynden, E. Cue4va and O. Cabera
Rat Damage on Native Hawaiian Palms
M.H. Chapin


Vol. 48, No. 4

Front cover:  Chamaedorea pauciflor in periodically flooded forest, Loreto, Peru. 
Back cover:  A well grown specimen of Asterogyne martiana, as seen on the recent IPS Biennial trip to the Lyon Arboretum, Hawaii.  IPS members will be saddened to learn that the Lyon Arboretum is now closed to the public.  Photo by Scott Zona


Contents for Volume 48(4) Palms

A. Henderson
Notes on Chamaedorea in Peru
J.C. Pintaud and B. Milln
A Traditional Irrigation System Using Palmyra Palm (Borassus flabellifer) in Kerala, India
V.S. Ramachandran, K. Swarupanandan and C. Renuka
Diversity of Use of Doum Palm (Hyphaene compressa) Leaves in Kenya
C.J.M. Amwatta
Introduction of a Multipurpose Palm, Phoenix pusilla, in Kuwait
C. Sudershan
New Species of Livistona (Arecaceae) from New Guinea
J.L. Dowe and J.P. Mogea


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