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Vol. 46, No. 1

Front cover:  Pseudophoenix ekmanii in the dry forest of the Barahona Peninsula, Dominican Republic.  Visible in the background is Coccothrinax ekmanii.  Photo by Carlo Morici
Back cover:  Silhouettes of adult Coccothrinax boschiana in the early morning.  Note that some tall stems have been bent by hurricanes.  Photo by Carlo Morici.
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Contents for Volume 46(1) Palms

Cold-Hardy Palms in Southwestern Ohio:  Winter Damage, Mortality and Recovery  This article is online
David A. Francko and Sarah L. Wilhoite
Coccothrinax boschiana  This article is online
Carlo Morici
A Revision of Pseudophoenix
Scott Zona
Mycorrhizal Associations in Three Species of Palms of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Lilia Carrillo, Roger Orellana and Lucia Varela
Dypsis 'stumpy'
John Dransfield and Jeff Marcus

Vol. 46, No. 2

Front cover:  Cyrtostachys renda 'Theodora Buhler' as illustrated by botanical artist Wes Jurgens. 
Back cover:  Gastrococos crispa, in cultivation at Fairchild Tropical Garden, Florida.  Photo by C. Migliaccio


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Contents for Volume 46(2) Palms

Additional Species Proving Hardy in the Pacific Northwest
Nick Parker
Livistona chinensis var. subglobosa in Aoshima, Japan
Hirioshi Ehara, John Leslie Dowe, Ryuji Nagatomo, and Akira Kawasaki
A New Palm Cultivar:  Cyrtostachys renda "Theodora Buhler"
Howard Waddell
Germinating Gastrococos -- Quickly and Easily
Chris Migliaccio  This article is online
Growth Response of Phoenix canariensis to Inoculation with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi
Asunción Morte and Mario Honrubia
Non-Native Ornamental Palms Invade a Secondary Tropical Forest in Panama
Jens-Christian Svenning
Palm Botany in the Louisiade Archipelago, Papua New Guinea 
John L. Dowe and Roy Banka  This article is online
The Cane Bridges of the Takamanda Region, Cameroon
Terry C.H. Sunderland, Michael P.B. Balinga and Jacqueline L. Groves
The "Niu" Indies:  Long Lost "Home" of the Coconut Palm
Hugh C. Harries

Vol. 46, No. 3

Front cover:  Gulubia costata in cultivation in Miami, Florida, USA.  Photo by C. Migliaccio
Back cover:  Beccariophoenix in flower in Stan Walkley's garden, Brisbane, Australia.  Photo by Hugh Kunze

Contents for Volume 46(3) Palms

Alfred Russel Wallace and the Palms of the Amazon
Sandra Knapp, Lynn Sanders and William Baker
Gulubia costata -- a Handsome Palm for the Warm Subtropics
Chris Migliaccio  This article is online
Observations on the Two Dwarf Dypsis Species in Betampona, Eastern Madagascar
Adam Britt
Beccariophoenix Flowers in Cultivation  This article is online
John Dransfield
Name Changes in Attalea
Scott Zona
A Brief History of the Coconut Palm in Australia
John Leslie Dowe and Lucy T. Smith
The Date Palm Grove of Elche, Spain:  Research for the Sustainable Preservation of a World Heritage Site
Michel Ferry, Susi Gomez, Elisa Jiminez, Jose Navarro, Elena Ruiperez and Jose Viella
From Barcelona to Bordigherea:  Palm Gardens on Mediterranean Shores
Jean-Christophe Pintaud
Nypa fruticans, a Weed in West Africa
T.C.H. Sunderland and T. Morakinyo

Vol. 46, No. 4

Front cover:  A legacy lost.  Phoenix canariensis displaying Class II Fusarium oxysporum symptomology.  Photo by Ken Pfalzgraf
Back cover:  Caryota sympetala, in fruit.  Photo by John Dransfield 

Editors John Dransfield and Scott Zona created a lovely 2003 wall calendar for members to enjoy all year.  

Contents for Volume 46(4) Palms
"Death and Destruction" Issue

Special Bonus:  2003 Palms Wall Calendar

Loss of a Legacy -- Fusarium oxysporum and Ornamental Phoenix canariensis
Ken Pfalzgraf
Rapid Decline Syndrome of Coconut -- Preliminary Report of  New Condition
C.S. Ranasinghe, R. Wijesekara and R. Wimalesekara
The Red Palm Weevil in the Mediterranean Area
M. Ferry and S. Gómez  This article is online
Importation of Mature Palms:  A Threat to Native and Exotic Palms in Mediterranean Countries?
Jean Drescher and Anne Dufay  This article is online
Losses to Lethal Yellowing Cast Doubt
T.K. Broschat, N.A. Harrison and H. Donselman
Caryota sympetala
John Dransfield and Tom Evans
Pinanga in Java and Bali
Joko R. Witono, Johanis P. Mogea and S. Somadikarta


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