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Vol. 45, No. 1

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Front cover:  The receptive pistillate (female) flowers of Astrocaryum urostachys.  Photo taken in Ecudorian Amazonia by F. Kahn
Back cover:  Heterospathe macgregori.  Photo taken near Kikori, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea by W.J. Baker
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Contents for Volume 45(1) Palms

Dent Smith's Palm Trees and Palm Logs
Bernie Peterson
The Genus Heterospathe in Cultivation
Chris Migliaccio
Livistona carinensis in Miami, Florida, USA
Theodora B. Buhler
The Indochinese Rattan Calamus acanthophyllus -- A Fire-Loving Palm
Tom Evans and Khamphone Sengdala
Two Amazonian Palm Species Revalidated:  Astrocaryum farinosum and A. sociale
Francis Khan
Len Brass' Photographs of Palms in New Guinea
Anders S. Barfod and Paul Foster
The Use of Pigafetta elata for Making Furniture in Indonesia
Wiske Ch. Rotinsulu
Astrocaryum yauaperyense:  A Synonym of Astrocaryum murumuru
Francis Kahn
Palm Internet Resources I:  Palm Society Websites
Jody Haynes

Vol. 45, No. 2

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Front cover:  Trithrinax campestris in the wild in northwestern Argentina.  Photo by M. Gibbons.
Back cover:  Healthy coconut palms in the Dominican Republic.   Photo by J. Höppe

Contents for Volume 45(2) Palms

Germination of Nypa fruticans in Trinidad
Peter R. Bacon
Observations and Pathogenicity Experiments on Ganoderma zonatum in Florida
M.L. Elliott and T.K. Broschat
Trithrinax:  Trials and Tribulations
Martin Gibbons
Phoenix loureiri var. humilis, A New Record for Bhutan
Phillip Cribb, Nicholas Pearce and Yeshey Dorji
Maximizing Seed Production of Linospadix monostachya
Jim and Lise Wright
Hapaxanthic Axillary Shoots in Date Palm Plants Grown in vivo and in vitro
C. Sudhersan, M. Abo El-Nil and J. Hussain
This article available online
Variation on a Theme:  Bonsai Palms
Katherine Maidman
Why Lethal Yellowing has not Become Epidemic in the Dominican Republic
H.C. Harries, J. Herasme, C. and E. Hichez Frias
Palmyrah Palms in Tamil Nadu, India
A. Sankaralingham and H. Hameed Khan

Vol. 45, No. 3

v45n3f.jpg (52716 bytes)v45n3b.jpg (56552 bytes)

Front cover:  Heterospathe califrons, a wonderful new palm from Mindanao, Philippines.  Photo by E.S. Fernando
Back cover:  Chambeyronia lepidota, close-up of the crown, photographed at the summit of Mont Panie, New Caledonia by Carlo Morici.

Contents for Volume 45(3) Palms

Traditional Farming System of Supari (Areca catechu) in Rural Bengladesh
T.K. Nath and N.C. Karmakar
Tropical Attitudes in Northern Latitudes
Jana Meiser
A New Species of Heterospathe with Undivided Leaves from the Philippines
Edwino S. Fernando and Emiliano D. Sotalbo
Notes on the Genus Ammandra (Palmae)
Rodrigo Bernal, Gloria Ramirez and Rosman Ivan Morales
Leaflet by Leaflet -- Painting the Palms of North Queensland
Lucy T. Smith
Establishment of Babassu in Pastures in Para, Brazil
Danielle Mitja and Isolde D.K. Farraz
Coconut Varieties and Lethal Yellowing:  A Regional Perspective for the Americas
Hugh C. Harries
This article available online
Growth Rates of Palms in Fairchild Tropical Garden
Scott Zona and Katherine Maidman

Vol. 45, No. 4

v45n4f.jpg (53332 bytes)v45n4b.jpg (44820 bytes)

Front cover:  Iriartea deltoidea, Rio Tiputini, Parque Nacional Yasuni, Ecuador, 150 m. elevation.  Photo by J.C. Pintaud
Back cover:  The colorfrul fruits of aiphanes minima (formerly known as Aiphanes acanthophylla) in Puerto Rico.  Photo by Scott S. Zona

Contents for Volume 45(4) Palms

This article available online
The Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Carlo Morici
Chemical Control Lixas and Leaf Blight Disease of Coconut
Dulce Regina Nunes Warwick and Rosangela Blotta Abakerli
This article available online
Landscaping with Palms in the Mediterranean
M. Selcuk Sayan
Monograph of Colpothrinax
Randall J. Evans
An Interesting Population of Phytelephas from Panama
J. Velasquez Runk
Pinanga andamanensis -- a Vanishing Endemic of the Andaman Islands
G. Sreekandan Nair, Sam P. Mathew and A. Mohandas


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