Palms (formerly Principes) 2000

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Vol. 44, No. 1

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Front cover:  Pritchardia viscosa, two of only six individuals known in the wild, Powerline Trail, Kauai, Hawaii, USA.  Photo by John Dransfield, October 1999
Back cover:  Iguanura myochodoides, growing in montane forest near the summit of G. Penrisen, Sarawak.  Photo by John Dransfield, April 1996
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Contents for Volume 1 2000 Palms

Palms 101:  The Traveling Slide Show
John D. Kennedy
Occurrence of Coconut "lixas" in Brazilian Native Palms in Northeastern Coastal Plain Region
Dulce Regina Nunes Warwick and Edna Castilho Leal
Arenga micrantha:  A Little Known Eastern Himalayan Palm
J.J. Noltie
DNA and Palm Evolution
Carl E. Lewis, William J. Baker and Conny B. Asmussen
Palms of the Amazon Ecotours
Andrew Henderson
The Rediscovery of Calamus harmandii, A Rattan Endemic to Southern Laos
Tom Evans
Natalie Uhl:  A Portrait of a Scientist
Donald J. Kurth
Effect of Microclimate Variation on Cultivation of Cold-Hardy Palms in Southwestern Ohio
David A. Francko
On the Pruning of Palms
Ken Pfalzgraf

Vol. 44, No. 2

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Front cover:  Colpothrinax wrightii in Pinar del Rio.   Accompanying article on p. 85.  Photo by S. Zona
Back cover:  Copernicia gigas.  Accompanying article on p. 88.  Photo by N. Martinez Barboza.

Contents for Volume 2 2000 Palms
Palms of Cuba

Copernicia rigida in Eastern Cuba
Carlo Morici
Broom-Making from Palms in Cuba
Nora M. Barboza
The Genus Thrinax in Cuba
Carlo Morici
Checklist of the Palms of Cuba, with Notes on their Ecology, Distribution and Conservation
Celio E. Moya Lopez and Angela Leiva Sanchez
La Palma Barrigona
Scott Zona, Don Evans, and Katherine Maidman
Searching for Copernicia in Cuba
Nora M. Barboza
Identity of the Hyophorbe Palms at the Botanical Garden of Cienfuegos, Cuba
Carl E. Lewis and Nora Martinez Barboza

Vol. 44, No. 3

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Front cover:  Brahea sarukhanii Quero, a newly-described species from Mexico.  Photo by Scott Zona.
Back cover:  Mature Pritchardia limahuliensis, in Kauai, Hawaii, 1997. Forest destruction was caused by a hurricane in November 1992.  Photo by David H. Lorence

Contents for Volume 3 2000 Palms

Brahea sarukhanii, A New Species of Palm from Mexico
Hermilo J. Quero
The Effects of Vitamin B1 on Palm seedling Growth
Christopher P. Migliaccio
Developing a Tropical Botanical Garden Palm Collection
Melany H. Chapin and David H. Lorence
Ravenea hildebrandtii in Mayotte
Alain Pibot and Olivier Soumille
An Introduction to the Palms of New Caledonia
Jean-Christophe Pintaud
The Successful Palm Sale
Howard Waddell
Additions to the Genus Bactris (Acrecaceae) in Mesoamerica
Alfredo Cascante

Vol. 44, No. 4

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Front cover:  Cyrtostachys sp. growing in heath forest south of Mt. Jaya, Papua, Indonesia.  Photo by W.J. Baker
Back cover:  Gronophyllum cariosum in the forest undergrowth, Benwani, Sandaun Province, Papua New Guinea.  Photo by Anders Barfod

Contents for Volume 4 2000 Palms

Gronophyllum cariosum, an Ornamental New Species from Papua New Guinea
John L. Dowe and Michael D. Ferrero
Orania regalis Rediscovered
William J. Baker, Ary Prihardhyanto Keim and Charlie D. Heatubun
Caryota zebrina
John Dransfield, Gregori G. Hambali, Rudi A. Maturbongs and Charlie D. Heatubun
William J. Baker, Rudi A. Maturbongs and Gregori G. Hambali
A Personal History of Drymophloeus in New Guinea
Scott Zona
In Search of Caryota zebrina - A Palm Expedition to the Cyclops Mountains
Charlie D. Heatubun
A New Species of Rheophytic Palm from New Guinea
John L. Dowe and Michael D. Ferrero
A New Species of Licuala from New Guinea
Anders S. Barfod
The Palms of Mount Jaya
John Dransfield, William J. Baker, Charlie D. Heatubun and Joko Witono


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