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  Vol 60. No4  December 2016


Front cover: Dypsis metallica is one of the understory treasures of the Masoala Peninsula of Madagascar.
Photo by W.L. Eiserhardt
Back cover: The magnificent leaves of Marojejya darianii, another fabulous palm from the Masoala Peninsula.

Photo by W.J. Baker.


Issue Contents    
A New Species of Attalea from the Bolivian Lowlands
M. Moraes R. & J. -C. Pintaud 
The Palms of the Masoala Peninsula
W.J. Baker, W. L. Eiserhardt, M. Rakotoarinivo, A.Z. Andriamanantena, R.N. Rabarijaona & S.H.P.V. Rapanarivo 
Natural History of Phoenix andamanensis from the Andaman Islands
S.P. Mathew
Palm News
Photo Feature - Eugeissona brachystachy
Index to Volume 60
  Vol 60. No3  September 2016


Front cover: Attalea colendra is a gigantic species more than 30 m tall in the Pacific lowlands of Ecuador and southern Colombia, that produces a massive infructescence up to 4 m long with thousands of fruits.
Back cover: Isolated indvidual of Trachycarpus fortunei growing on a rocky cliff above Ponte Brolla, Switzerland.


Issue Contents    
Insights into the Diversity and Phylogeny of an Intriguing Genus
A.M. Rodriguez Castillo, C. Garcia-Davila, K. Mejía & J. -C. Pintaud 
Aspects and Causes of Earlier and Current Spread of Trachycarpus fortunei in the Forests of Southern Ticino and Northern Lago Maggiore (Switzerland, Italy)
V. Fehr and C.A. Burga 
Palms of Vietnam - a Progress Report
A Henderson and N.Q. Dung
The Argun Palm Medemia argun in the Eastern Nubian Desert of Sudan
 O.O.M. Ali 
Palm News
Photo Feature - Sabal palmetto
  Vol 60. No 2  June 2016


Front cover: Its solitary, tall, robust trunks topped with huge canopies of long drooping to arching, dark green, pinnate leaves make Canary Island date palms a majestic and common site (Newport Center, Newport Beach CA.)
D.R. Hodel
Back cover: Copernicia x dahlgreniana (and one of its putative parents, C. cowelli, in the background), south of Lesca, Camaguëy, Cuba

R. Verdecia


Issue Contents    
Towards a Revision of Attaleain Western Amazonia
J.C. Pintaud, A.M, Rodriguez Del Castillo, E.J.L. Ferreira, M. Moraes R. & K. Mejía 
Gender and Expression of Magnesium Deficiency in Canary Island Date Palms
D.R. Hodel, J. Komen, R.M. Hodel & M.A. Hodel 
Copernicia x dahlgreniana a New Natural Hybrid in the Savannas of Camaguëy, Cuba
R. Verdicia P.
A University Palmetum
 R.W. Vogel 
Palm News
Palm Literature - Guide de Palmiers de Guyane
 John Dransfield 
Palm Literature - Principes
 John Dransfield 
Photo Feature

  Vol. 60 No 1  March 2016


Front cover: Johannesteijsmannia altifrons at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Photo by F.F. Merkinger
Back cover: Areca catechu and Cyrtostachys renda at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Photo by F.F. Merkinger


Issue Contents    
The Singapore Botanic Gardens Palm Collection - Historical Perspective, Representation, Conservation and Direction
F.F. Merkinger 
Pneumatophores on Acoelorrhaphe wrightii
S.M. Edelman 
Flowering of Carpoxylon macrospermum a Critically Endangered Palm, in Townsville Palmetum, Australia
J.L. Dowe, R. Lovatt and N. Snajder
Watkins Munro Marin Conservatory, Cairns Botanic Gardens, Queensland, Australia
 J.L. Dowe, and D. Warmington 
Palm News
Obituary -Jean-Christophe Pintaud
 T. Couvreur 
Photo Feature - Nephrosperma van-houtteanum
 Urmaas Laansoo 

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