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  Vol 58. No. 4  December 2014


Front cover: Ravenea xerophila near Andalatanosy, Toliara, Madagascar.
Larry Noblick
Back cover: Inflorescencs of Pinanga tashiroi are branched to one order and dropping.

D.R. Hodel


Issue Contents    
The Palms of Taiwan
D. R. Hodel, A. C.-T. Hsu & C. -F. Chen 
Dypsis rosea
J. Dransfield, D.R. Hodel & J. Marcus 
Saribus jeanneneyi at the Botanical Garden of Nancy
A. Bour
Solfia Transferred to Balaka
 S. Zona & W. J. Baker 
Tuberous Roots in Ravenea xerophila
 S. Zona & J. Dransfield 
Three New Palm Genera from Indonesia
 C. D. Heatubun, S. Zona W. J. Baker 
Palm News
Palm Literature - Guide to the Native Palms of Singapore - A.H.B. Loo, A.W. Foong, W.J. Baker & H.T.W. Tan

Palm Literature - Palmid - U. Laansoo, Kirjastus Varrak
  Vol 58. No. 3  September 2014


Front cover: Fruits of Hydriastele
Charlie D. Heatubun
Back cover: Stand of Mauritia flexuosa at Maracá Ecological Station, Roraima, Brazil

R. Khorsand Rosa


Issue Contents    
A Review of the Pollination Biology of Mauritia flexuosa
R. Khorsand Rosa 
Palms on the Nickel Island: An Expedition to Gag Island, Western New Guinea
C. Heatubun, K. Lekitoo and O.P Matani 
In Search of Madagascar's Elusive River Palm, Ravenea musicalis,
F. Hogg & J. Henshall
The Ceroxylon Trip in Northern Peru
 M. L. Merritt 
Preliminary Observations on the Stem Enlargement of Colpothrinax wrightii the Cuban Belly Palm
 K. Izquierdo Medero 
Palm News
Palm Literature
  Vol 58. No. 2  June 2014


Front cover: Trithrinax campestris near Chilibroste, Córdoba, Argentina.
A. Cano
Back cover: Syagrus glaucescens

K.P. Soares


Issue Contents    
Beccariophoenix fenestralis
J. Dransfield, M. Rakotoarinivo 
A Subtropical Quest to Discover Wild Trithrinax
A. Cano 
A new Record of Coccothrinax readii for Belize
A. Duno de Stefano and C.E. Moya
Palms of the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: Changes along a Rainfall Gradient
 A.A. Alvarado-Segura, L.M. Calvo-Irabién, R. Duno de Stefano and H. Balslev 
Four New Natural Hybrids of Syagrus from Brazil
  K.P Soares, L. Coelho de Assis, C.A. Guimarães and A.R. Gabrielli Viera 
Announcing the Arrival of Nypa fruticans Fruit in St. Lucia
 L.R. Noblick and R. Graveson 
Palm Literature: Systematics Ecology and management of Rattans in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.
The Biological Bases of Sustainable Use – Charles M. Peters and Andrew Henderson with contributions from Nguyen Quoc Dong and Thibault Ledecq.
Book Review: LAS PALMERAS and PALMS – José Plumed and ManuelCosta.

Palm News
  Vol 58. No. 1   March 2014


Front cover: The spectacular, new Sabinaria magnifica has leaves that are silvery-white on the underside.
R. Bernal
Back cover: The rare Madagascar endemic, Lemurophoenix halleuxii.

A. Shapcott


Issue Contents    
The Discovery of the Amazing Sabinaria magnifica
R. Bernal 
Palm Species in the Diet of the Northern Casswary (Casuarius unappendiculatus in Jayapura Region, Papua, Indonesia
M. Pangau-Adam & M. Mühlenberg 
Two of Madagascar's Most Threatened Palms: Voanioala gerardii and Lemurophoenix halleuxii
A. Shapcott, J. Quinn and M. Rakotoarinivo
Two New, Overlooked Species of Bactris Endemic to the Colombian Chocó
 R. Bernal, G. Galeano, J.C. Copete and R. Camra-Leret 
Desiccating Palm Pollen - a Technique for Pollinating Rare Palm Species over Long Distances
 G. Staples and W, Singeo 

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