2016 Biennial - Sarawak and Singapore

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Acrocomia aculeata
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Members of Palm Chapters or Affiliate organizations associated with the International Palm Society, are invited to join us on this year’s IPS Biennial visit to Sarawak and Singapore at a discounted rate.

Register before March 1, and you will receive one year complimentary membership to the International Palm Society and a reduced rate on the Biennial fee. If you are already a Chapter or Affiliate member and a current IPS, you will also be credited an additional $40 against the cost of the tour.

Participants in this year’s Biennial will visit one of the world’s richest habitats of palms, while experiencing the culture, wildlife and ecology of an area of the world most of us have only read about. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To register and to take advantage of this special rate, click here. Space is limited, so please don’t wait until the last minute!

There are also a few spots remaining for the post-tour to the Northern Territory in Australia. During this tour we will see several unusual palms, along with wildlife, while touring the unique outback environment. Click here for more details.


The IPS Board and Membership,

I wish to thank all of you for contributing the efforts to change the IPS profile and involvement for the goal of building membership.  These are baby steps and takes the involvement of many if not all the Committees.   Some of the Committee work is sporadic and on a need basis (e.g. NomCom, Mid-term meetings, etc.) however, the journey of effort can often lead to expanded resources and discoveries.  And, of course, to the patience of our Membership who is hanging in there for the changes we are committed to. 

I would like to say that time is running short for any and all members to sign up for the 2016 Biennial in Sarawak and in Singapore.  For those in attendance, you are welcome to drop in on the BOD’s Board meeting to see the process we go through for the management of our organization.  This occurs on June 12th, day of arrival for many of the attendees.  Who knows, perhaps you too will hang your hat on an IPS post or Committee in the future.  Not only are the experiences related to the Biennials, but attendance to the BOD midterm meetings can lead to a lifetime of wonderful experiences, bucket list fulfilment, productive and efficient BOD meeting (Madagascar), all taking place with a sense of direction.  For example,  we had 3-4 IPS members who chose to sign-up for the venue planned by Toby Spanner for Madagascar.  We all got to meet with these potential candidates (all with very resourceful backgrounds).  They all indicate willingness to serve on the Board or to contribute volunteer effort to our development. These three people were nominated for consideration of the 2016-2020 term of Directors up for election. 

Further, we have a handful of outgoing Directors who voiced, due to time constraints or other obligations, their departure from the 2016 Board, BUT, offered to continue on an ad hoc or part time basis to help the Standing Committees on their Journey.   
While we seem to be investing in a more formalized way of doing business, these were all seen as investments in the IPS’s future.  So much so, that two Directors donated sizeable funds to assist in the creation of our new web, consolidating other current offerings like Palm Talk, Newsletter, and a pedia of sorts.    The movement towards “Alive and Giving” was something I mentioned in 2012 as a sub-committee program.  The donations are tax deductible and any amount does help with the cost of in-house consumables and outside services which provide web hosting, design, legal review for contracts of the IPS and minute plug-ins where the expertise is not present in the Board itself.   

The consolidation, interactivity and galleries planned for the new web, still commands a lot of work with heavy Committee loads.
We have an IPS Facebook sight that has caught on with many of the membership, a monthly Newsletter (outstanding job by Kim), and the beginnings of a succession plan is slowly taking shape.    I have had several talks with Board Members who for work or other personal obligations could not commit to contributing more of their time.  I would like to see such departing resources form a working group such that ex-Directors just don’t depart but may who may be available on an ad hoc basis.   

My hope is that we continue to build the IPS into a profitable and growing entity, not soley dependent on donations but self sustaining on membership as well.   Wishing all of you a very safe and joyous holiday season.

Leland Lai, IPS President


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The 2016 Biennial to Sarawak-Singapore will include two optional tours - a 12-day pre-tour and a six-day post-tour. The pre-tour is provided by a Kuching-based tour operator Borneo Adventure. The post tour is provided by an ATT Kings, a Darwin-based tour operator. These tours are only available through the IPS and can be booked online though this website.

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