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The Palm Society hosts several forums:

Our PALMTALK bulletin board is an interactive html document which is available for visitors to ask and answer questions.  Whether you want to participate or just browse, the IPS hopes our visitors will be able to find online the information they seek about palms.  Features include a search function, an email notification when your question gets answered, easy navigation, and a chance to preview your message before posting it. 

Click here to go to the PALMTALK Bulletin Board


Once known as the PALMS-ALL group, this the original IPS forum.   Having seen several changes over the years, it is now the "PALMSOCIETY list, also known as a subscriber list or listserver. 

Perhaps the most significant upgrade is a searchable archives of previous discussions viewable by anyone with internet access.  The question you have right now might have already been asked and answered in the palmsociety list. 

To Visit the Archives
Go to to view archives of palmsociety

To Subscribe
Go to
send an email to  

Anyone may visit the archives, but only subscribers may participate in the discussions.  Subscribing is easy.  If you are a new subscriber, you will need to register your name and email address at the Yahoo!groups site.   The Yahoo! privacy policy is available at    This list also has a procedure to assure that the request to subscribe (or unsubscribe) is really coming from you.  After providing your email adress and choosing a password, you will receive an automated response email from onelist.  Simply choose "reply to" and "send" to complete your subscription process. 

Once subscribed, you will receive emails that subscribers send to This is also the address where you would send your own message to the list.



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