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2019 IPS ENDOWMENT FUND APPLICATIONS due by December 31, 2018

Click here to download the application instructions in a pdf format.

Applications must be received by midnight December 31st, 2018 U.S. Eastern Standard time for consideration for 2019 IPS Endowment Fund grants. Any late applications will not be accepted.

For applications to be considered, they must be sent to Endowment Committee chair, Cindy Adair, by midnight December 31st, 2018 EST. Proposals should be sent in MS Word or Adobe PDF documents as e-mail attachments to  E-mails totaling up to 16MB (including attachments) will be accepted at that address. 

Proposals should include the following information, along with any other information that applicants think might increase their chances for favorable review of their proposals:

  • A Narrative Proposal Section, with a clear description of the project to be funded. This should include adequate detail for independent scientific reviewers to assess the feasibility and desirability of the project work. This should also address the desired project timetable in a general way, again to provide clarity to the reviewers.
  • A clear and readable budget for the full project, as well as how much of the funding is requested from the IPS and how much of the total project funding is expected to be obtained from other sources. Please also state whether or not “partial funding” of the IPS amount would be acceptable (and still allow the project to be undertaken)
  • To maximize the impact of these grants, the IPS asks that the grant proposers request funding only for direct project costs. The IPS grants may not be used to pay any indirect costs charged by the grant applicants’ institutions – that is, money to cover general G&A and/or any other “overhead” expenses are not to be included in the applicant’s Requests for Funding. The IPS will provide a letter to this effect to recipients’ institutions, upon request.
  • Current Curriculum Vitae of the applicant and other key researchers involved in the project. This information should also provide proper contact information for the application [postal address, e‑mail address(es), telephone(s) and fax numbers.]
  • A statement as to who should receive the Grant payment, if the application is successful (i.e., the individual, the individual’s university or employer, etc.). If a check sent via regular mail is requested, the applicant should provide clear payment instructions including payee address. Checks sent to a University are frequently misplaced.
    If the funds are to go through a department or other grant or fund, we need the name and description of the grant or department.

International wire transfers by US law require the following:

  1. Country
  2. Bank name
  3. Bank ID (IBAN and SWIFT code)
  4. Bank address (city)
  5. Account-holder's name
  6. Account number
  7. Address associated with the account (where is the bank statement sent?) This is required!!! Without it the bank cannot send money.

Your application will not be forwarded for review until we have the answer to the seven points above for International funds.

The IPS has historically granted approximately US$10,000 to $25,000 in awards each year. Typically, individual awards of between $1,000 and $5,000 are made, although larger grants can sometimes be awarded if merited. Applications must be accompanied by a statement on the acceptability of “partial funding.” Without such a clear statement, the IPS may be forced to turn down such an application if the entire requested amount cannot be awarded.  

A single one-year IPS membership, new or renewal, will be included in the award. The principal investigator will receive the membership unless he or she opts to designate a co-applicant as the recipient.

We will contact successful applicants for a very short midterm and summary final report by grantees (1/2 to no more than one page with a photo, ideally written for the non-scientist). We plan to use such reports for IPS publicity to encourage memberships and to inspire further donations to
the IPS Endowment fund. Grantees will also be expected to submit an article for possible publication in the IPS journal PALMS.

Applicants will be informed of Award decisions via email on or before midnight EST April 15, 2019.

Please send your Grant Application by midnight EST December 31, 2018 to:  

Cindy Adair
P.O Box 493
Las Marias, PR 00670

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