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Mauritia flexuosaThe International Palm Society, Inc. is operated solely and exclusively for scientific and/or educational purposes related to the study of palms, their propagation, culture, conservation, care, and development.


  • Allometric analysis of carbon accumulation in four neotropical palm species.
  • The effects of variation in fruit production on the survival of the palm Oenocarpus bataua.
  • Research project to study Palms of the southern region of the Republic of Congo.
  • IPS supportt for a Monograph of the Palm Genus Hydriastele

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The IPS fully supports the conservation of palm biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Through its quarterly journal, PALMS, its website and through grants to individuals from the Endowment Fund, the IPS furthers education and research-based conservation. PALMS regularly features articles highlighting palm conservation needs and documenting indigenous knowledge. The IPS is aware of the threats to palms from habitat loss, climate change, over-exploitation and invasive species. The IPS recognizes the need for conservation at both the species and habitat levels and for ex situ conservation through horticulture.


Before shipping any plants across state, territory, department, or international borders, be responsible and become familiar with the applicable rules and regulations for both the point of origin and the destination of any such shipment. The IPS recognizes and supports responsible practices to prevent the spread of pests and diseases and for protection of endangered species. YOU ARE THE “IMPORTER OF RECORD.”
The IPS does not condone illegal plant trading and will not tolerate use of its web sites to circumvent the law. The IPS will report any suspected illegal activity and will cooperate fully in any investigation.

Welfia RegiaThe following links are intended to help guide our members, but the list is by no means complete or exhaustive. Use online search tools to find similar links for your particular region.

CITES: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Australian Government Department of Agriculture: How to Import Plants into Australia
United Kingdom: United Kingdom: RHS, Importing and Exporting Plants
European Union: European Union: European Commission, Trade in Plants from non-EU Countries

United States Department of Agriculture, Directory

The Fruit, Vegetable, and Plant Smuggling Prevention Act of 2001

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture.

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