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Palms and cycad Society of Western Australia

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The Palm & Cycad Society of Western Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation, research and compilation of information on palms and cycads of Australia and the world.

The Palm and Cycad Society of WA also participates in promoting Gascoyne Park, which is the first and only botanical park in Western Australia devoted exclusively to the cultivation of palm and cycad species. It has nearly 3800 specimens planted to date

Officers and Directors

President: Mark Wuschke
Secretary/Treasurer: Will Kraa
Website: Mike Gray


Monthly newsletter.NEWSLETTER OF THE PALM & CYCAD SOCIETY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA, consists of 4-8 A4-sized pages, published monthly.  The PACSOA newsletter is devoted to meetings notices and other items of palm interest in Western Australia.

To subscribe: Write to:

Palm and Cycad Society of WA (Inc.)
8 Karuah  Way
Greenwood 6024
Western Australia

or send an email to an officer listed above.


Meetings are usually held at South Perth Rotary Hall, Sandgate Street on every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm. Plants are made available for sale at these meetings. Free informative speeches, raffles, cakes, tea & coffee are also provided. 


Joining fee is $35.00(Aust)