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Palms, the Journal of the IPS



Ti-Palm’, which means “Little palm” in French Créole, and in popular language widely used throughout our territories.

Recent Activity
Ti-Palm regularly organizes garden visits and jungle hikes looking for endemic palms of the lesser Antilles and French Guyana. Saturday, April 14th, 2012 28 members were present for a dayfilling program organized in collaboration with SEPANGUY (Organization protecting natural habitat) in French Guyana. The day started with Mrs. LOUISON's incredible garden featuring a huge collection of Palms, Araceae, Zingiberales, Orchids etc. After a  river side brunch the group followed the forest trail BAGNE DES ANNAMITES to observe 18 native palm species remaining in natural habitat, among others Bactris nancibaensis, a rare and protected species. Late afternoon was spent in Mr and Mrs BOWEN's wonderful garden that includes one of the most beautiful collections in French Guyana and several local palms like Geonoma olderanii & G. maxima and Manicaria saccifera.

Early in May several Ti-Palm members joined Larry NOBLICK who came to study endemic palms in French Guyana. Together they visited Andre BILLOT who owns one of the most important local palm collections and explored SAVANE-ROCHE VIRGINIE, a granite formation emerging above the forest and home to a very specific flora.

During October 2012 our Association organizes a PALM JOURNEY in French Guyana in collaboration with FOUS  DE PALMIERS and PALMERAIE-UNION.

Finally, this spring our President  Pierre-Olivier ALBANO released his latest book, a Palm Guide of the French West Indies (A la découverte des Palmiers des Antilles - Editions PLB).
Andy Peter, IPS correspondent for Ti-Palm, Martinique, FWI


Officers and Directors

Président: Pierre-Olivier ALBANO
Vice-Président: Jean Petitbon
Vice-Président: Monique BA-EPAILLY
Secretary : Fabrice GHISALBERTI
Treasurer - Hugo Victor

Local Correspondents

Guadeloupe correspondant : Olivier REILHES
Guyane correspondant : Jean-Marie PREVOTEAU
Martinique correspondant: Pierre-Olivier ALBANO
Webmaster : Olivier REILHES
IPS correspondent: Andy PETER


No paper journal, but a website ( with a member restricted area. Information about the activities of Ti-Palm’ are sent to members via e-mailings (in French).

We also have a chat, housed in the “Fous de Palmiers” website - log on


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Area covered  

French territories of Tropical America, including the French Antilles (Guadeloupe archipelago, Martinique island, French part of St Martin island, St Barthélémy island) and French Guiana in South America, totalising three French overseas “departments”, and a little more than 1 million inhabitants.