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Palms, the Journal of the IPS

Palmeraie-Union, Réunion Island

Officers and Directors

President: - Olivier Reilhes
Vice President - Thierry Hubert


The objectives of Palmeraie-Union were recently extended to the study, promotion and conservation of palms within the framework of protection of nature and the environment, and in the logic of sustainable development.

The main actions of Palmeraie-Union are:

  • visits of gardens and field trips towards natural sites;
  • publication of the magazine of Palmeraie-Union Latania (2 numbers / year);
  • scientific and technical assistance relating to the palm species;
  • cooperation with the Tampon city to carry out a palmetum project (10 ha, 1000 palm species and 190 genera);
  • conservation actions of sites rich in native palm species, and particularly natural populations of Latania lontaroides and Acanthophoenix rousselii;
  • provision of an important specialized library.

The organization of a next IPS Biennial Meeting in Reunion Island is one of the projects of Palmeraie-Union.

To join Palmeraie-Union association (two magazines Latania sent each year included), please fill the bulletin of adhesion available on the web site and send a check for 30 €, made payable to Palmeraie-Union.

Contacts/More Information

President: - Olivier Reilhes

Association Palmeraie-Union
Domaine de Palmahoutoff, 61,
Chemin Jules Ferry,
97432 Ravine des Cabris,
Île de La Réunion, FRANCE,
Ttelephone to +33 0262 385229,
e-mail at