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Palms, the Journal of the IPS

Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society Florida

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Officers and Directors

President: Tom Ramiccio (email)
Vice President: Don Bittel (email)
Secretary: Ruth Lynch (email)
Director & Membership Chair: Janice DiPaola (email)
Treasurer: Ingrid Dewey (email)
Director & Editor: Charlie Beck (email)
Director: Terry Lynch (email)
Director: Gerry Valentini (email)
Director: Tom Whisler (email)
Immediate Past President: Betty Ahlborn (email)

2015 Appointiees

Librarian: Charlie Beck (email)
Refreshment Chairman: Ruth Lynch (email)
Historian: Brenda Beck (email)
Webmaster: Brenda LaPlatte (email)


The Palm & Cycad Times is published six times a year and generally consists of 32 - 36 pages (5.5 by 8.5 inch size.) Each issue has a Calendar of Events for palm & cycad related activities in the South Florida area, various articles, travelogues and much more. 


The subscription price is $20.00 for one year. Foreign sub's. (outside U.S.) $30.00.  Send checks, made payable to
Palm Beach Palm & Cycad Society ( PBPCS)
P.O. Box 212228
Royal Palm Beach FL 33421-2228


Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Mount's Botanical Garden building. Meetings feature a notable speaker, a palm and cycad auction, refreshments, socializing and camaraderie.