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Association Chambeyronia - New Caledonia

Association Chambeyronia, formed in 1992, currently has a project in Province Sud (D.R.N) with the intention to create a “Palmetum” in the park of the Rivière Bleue (Blue River). The palmetum will contain most of the local palm species. It will be good for tourism, as well as assisting and supporting a working environment for botanists, researchers and students to observe and study the Caledonian palms without having to travel many kilometers, without the need to penetrate the fragile forests and botanic reserves, thus avoiding pollution of the environment. Association Chambeyronia is contemplating a similar operation in Province Nord.

Officers and Directors

President: Jean Pierson
Vice President : Jean-Pierre Leo
Treasurer:  Monique Lefebvre
Secretary : Jean-Pierre Canel

Member (of the committee) : Henri Lévèque

Web Site:

Contact information

Secretary : Jean-Pierre Canel
Association Chambeyronia
P. O. Box 1132
98 845 Noumea CEDEX
New Caledonia