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Palms, the Journal of the IPS

Fous de Palmiers - France


Officers and Directors

President – Pierre-Olivier Albano
Vice President -  Sophie Barbaux 
Vice Président – Sébastien Rassart
Treasurer -  Gérald Martinez
Assistant Treasurer - Ghislain Nicaise 
Secretary - Ruddy Benezet
Assistant Secretary: Therrry Bénézech
IPS Correspondent – Therrry Bénézech
Editor, Le Palmier -  Steve Swinscoe


Le Palmier, the journal of the French chapter of the IPS, Fous de Palmiers, appears four times a year, at the beginning of each season. Le Palmier,published in French, is modelled after Palms, of comparable format. In French, it contains articles on various palm themes and subjects and is accompanied by an information bulletin, Coeur du Palmier, with the calendar of activities and up-to-date news concerning the world of palms. The chapter also publishes a roster of its members. Le Palmier, (and the insert, Coeur du Palmier) are available only through Fous de Palmiers chapter membership, open to all interested persons for an annual fee of 38 € for those living in France or 45 € for members living outside France. In order to subscribe we invite you to visit our website at

In order to receive a free, complimentary copy of the magazine, contact the editor and correspondent for IPS, Steve Swinscoe at


Steve Swinscoe,
F-32460 LE HOUGA,
(note that the postal code must appear in the order above).